Needleless Mesotherapy

Needleless Mesotherapy is a unique and natural alternative to strong chemical peels. In this method we use two components, Green Marine Powder and Activating Complex Gel. The principle of this treatment is based on increasing the natural defence mechanism of our body to take out foreign substances. When we mix the two components, Green Marine Powder works as a transferring system that provides Active Complex Gel into the skin by plumping and mineralizing it. Your body recognizes this as something foreign and reacts with what we call the “splinter effect” and tries to remove it by detoxifying the skin.

This procedure can be adjusted for any skin type, complexion and skin condition, be performed very mild to very intense and also can be done as an individual treatment or run in sessions of 4-6.

Benefits of Needleless Mesotherapy:

  • Detoxification of the skin
  • Rejuvenation
  • Great for all skin types and complexions
Full Face $70

1 Hour Session

Add LED Treatment $20

Add LED Treatment to Your Session